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About Escape and Explore - Escapetoexplore.co.uk

is a topical magazine style website designed to help the visitor make the most of their
Holidays, Leisure time, Hobbies and Pastimes. The website offers suggestions, tips, information, help, along with services and tools to assist and enable you to plan how you want to escape from it all and explore what the United Kingdom - UK has to offer.

This website is based upon geographic information, so it's possible to find what you are looking for in a specific area.

We support: Regions, Counties, Place names, Postcodes and geographic co-ordinates making it possible to locate accommodation and attractions quickly and easily.

We try our best to locate establishments where they actually are (despite the fact that many organisations and establishments like to pretend they are somewhere else)! We believe this is annoying and confusing, so we endeavour to list entries by postcode or the nearest place-name. However we cant always be accurate when it comes to geographic locations, especially when dealing with third party information, external websites or partner services.

This site uses Historic Counties deliberately, because we know that these are the most familiar to most people, this is especially true in Yorkshire and Wales. All the new Administrative and Unitary Authority information is also provided for those visitors who know the current area names and have kept up-to date with all the boundary and name changes.

As a company we have been producing tourism and activity websites for many years, so we are well aware that every interest group has different needs and aspirations. To be honest we were astonished by some of the requests we had when we started because everybody seems to want something different.

There are many folk who consider sunrise, sunset and tide times to be really important. Some are obvious, but many others are not. For example it never occurred to us how important tide tables were to bird watchers, metal detector enthusiasts and wind surfers, and if you want to get that perfect photograph of a sunrise or sunset, you may want to match the tides with the sunset.

We are constantly updating and adding functionality to this website, so if you feel that there is something we could do for you please let us know, if its possible and practical there is a good chance we will add it to this website, and we always like to hear from our visitors, we cant always respond, and we apologise for that, but we do listen and take account of your point of view, especially if it something obvious, something we have missed or something we have got wrong.

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