Cromer Fireworks - Norfolk

Twas a Cold and Frosty evening, with frozen puddles and drifts of snow thereabouts.

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Yet Norfolkcoasts intrepid photographer left his wife and hearth and ventured out to the seaside, to the coastal town of Cromer.  Where he had heard (only that day!) that there was to be a fireworks display held on the Pier. Twas New Years Day in the year two thousand and two.

With mittens removed and frozen fingers prized apart these pictures were taken from our photographers vantage point on the cliff top walk. He was keen to grab a couple of quick shots, it being the first time fireworks have been displayed from the pier. Against a back drop of crashing waves with a large appreciative crowd in attendance a spectacular show was given.

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A splendid piece of entertainment and a nice night out.

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