Sheringham Norfolk
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East: 615000
North: 343000
Latitude: 52° 56' 27"
Longitude:1° 12' 00"
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Longitude: 1.2

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Sheringham in Norfolk, has an attractive old-fashioned unchanging atmosphere and wide sandy beaches washed by shallow waters. Until the end of the 1800s this town was little more than a small fishing village, nowadays it has its own buoyant appeal in summer with the entertainment ranging from the traditional penny arcade to one of the most intimate little theatres in the country.

There are a number of art and craft outlets along with all the normal shops that one would expect from a thriving seaside town. Fish and shell fish are sold in the fish shops, caught by the local fishermen who can be seen launching their boats down a precipitous slipway below the bridge that joins the east and west promenades. Two pitch and puts, two amusement arcades, lots of teashops and a wide range of eateries. Including of course the seaside favourite of traditional fish and chips.
In the middle of the town is the 'Little Theatre' an all year round art centre promoting music films and drama.

The beach has a ridge of pebbles at high tide but the ebb tide reveals extensive clean washed sands. There is easy access for wheelchairs down to the promenades. Seaside gardens with all year round colour hug the cliff tops with plenty of seats and suntraps to snooze away those summer days.

Sheringham has the benefit of not one but two stations, with the regular commuter train running all the way down to Norwich with its shops Castle Museum and wonderful cathedral.

But for pure nostalgia in the shape of a smoke belching steam train then there is the North Norfolk Railway, featured in many a television production such as Sherlock Holmes and Dads Army. Its route takes it across pastoral landscape through the villages of Weybourne and Kelling to its final destination of Holt. Take advantage of the railways 'all day ticket that offers unlimited travel allowing you to alight at the intermediary stops before your final destination of either Holt or Sheringham. For holiday accommodation in Sheringham or closeby - self catering - bed and breakfast - camping and caravan - hotel - inns - guest house - look at our accommodation pages. For a ghostly tale set around the cliff tops visit our Myth and Legend pages.

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                  - Click the Friends or Postcard Link.The people of Sheringham are known as Shannocks but the origin of the word is unknown. There is a word Shanny defined as Shatter Brained in use in East Anglia and it is thought that Shannock was probably derived from this word and meant a wild reckless lot of people.

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                  the What to do Link.Sheringham is also famous for the Singing Postman Allan Smethurst who released a single called "The Singing Postman " containing the famous "Hey yew gotta loight boy?" which translate as "Have you got a light boy".

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                  - Click the Friends or Postcard Link.An Old Ditty "There dwelt beside the great North Sea, A hale and Hearty company, Of men and women brave and free Who called themselves the Shannocks"

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                  - Click the Friends or Postcard Link.An experiment was carried out in Sheringham as to the distances travelled by crabs. 
A crab was tagged and released off Sheringham beach in June 1965. This same crab was caught in October off Southwold having covered 54 miles in 126 days. It is not known if the crab then suffered the fate of all caught crabs and was eaten, we hope not!

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                  the What to do Link.The first Bank to be established in Sheringham was a branch of Gurney & Co. in 1890. Gurney’s business was transferred to Barclay & Company on 1st July 1896 on the same site as the present banks building.

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                  the What to do Link.As a result of the number of boats driven ashore at Sheringham it was decided to establish a lifeboat at Sheringham. The first boat was the Augusta which was presented by the Hon. Mrs. Charlotte Upcher and named in memory of her youngest daughter Augusta Elizabeth. She was built at Upper Sheringham at a cost of £134.12s 2d and was given her first practice launch on 14th November 1838. The Augusta was maintained by the Upcher family and it was not until 1867 that a Royal National Lifeboat Institution boat was stationed at Sheringham. This was the DUNCAN which was launched on 1st August 1867.

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                  - Click the Friends or Postcard Link.Longevity – There is a history of longevity in both Sheringham’s and Beeston Regis. Here are a few examples, in 1703 Thomas Cook lived to the age of 93, 1724 Sara Springall lived to the age of 82, in 1787 Dorothy Evans lived to the age of 91 and Elizabeth Breeze died at the age of 83 in 1807. If any one knows the reason for this we would be very interested!