Bircham Norfolk
OS Grid: TF 770326 Approx 7.3m 11.7km From the Coast   View Google Map

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East: 577028
North: 332696
Latitude: 52 51' 45"
Longitude:0 37' 42"
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Longitude: 0.6283

Bircham Great
                    Bircham Norfolk Holidays

With uninterrupted views of rolling hills that are punctuated by a single landmark, the white sails of Great Bircham windmill. The windmill is fully restored and is now a tourist attraction, with tea rooms, bakery and cycle hire.

Inland by some ten miles is the market town of Fakenham or for a visit to a busy seaside resort try Hunstanton, a pleasing Victorian seaside resort with a long promenade and all the facilities and shops one might need. Here you will find firm sandy beaches and numerous rock pools and dramatic striped cliffs, best seen at the northern end of the Promenade where the 1830 lighthouse stands beside the ruins of St. Edmunds Chapel.

For a meal out try The Kings Head Hotel at Bircham, that cater for a family meal, an intimate dinner or just afternoon tea and cakes.

Houghton Hall  built for Nelson's great, great uncle Sir Robert Walpole, the first Prime Minister of Great Britain, who bequeathed 10 Downing Street to the nation is not far away, and open to the public. 

Down the road is the Royal Estate of Sandringham, purchased by Queen Victoria in 1861 for Edward VII as he didn't like Osborne House on the Isle of Wight. The Queen and other members of the Royal family are  often in residence, particularly at Christmas.

The estate and surrounding country park consists of 7000 acres. The original Georgian house was pulled down and replaced by a new building in the Jacobean style to which a lavish turreted ballroom and rooms for bowls and billiards were later attached. The Royal family has set many trends at Sandringham. In 1900, King Edward VII, was the first British monarch to own and drive a motor car here, and in 1932 King George V made the first radio broadcast, live from Sandringham.