East Runton - Norfolk
OS Grid: TG 190420 Approx 0.8m 1.3km From the Coast   View Google Map

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East: 619000
North: 342000
Latitude: 52 55' 49"
Longitude:1 15' 32"
Latitude: 52.930 Select another Norfolk Location: 
Longitude: 1.2588

East Runton
                    Norfolk Holidays

The coastal village of East Runton in Norfolk has a pretty duck pond and the village green marks the centre of this small coastal village.  Loud white ducks greet every visitor nosily and attractive flint and cobbled cottages hug the greens edges.

On the coastal road on the edge of the village is a General Store, two inns, restaurant and cafe and also a fish and chip shop.

The beach is located down a winding lane just across the coastal road. East Runton sits between the larger seaside resorts of Sheringham and Cromer.  These resorts have a larger range of shops and eateries as well as all the usual seaside attractions.  At Sheringham you will find the Norfolk Norfolk Steam Railway.  Its route takes it across a pastoral landscape through the villages of Weybourne and Kelling to its final destination of Holt. In the middle of the town is the 'Little Theatre' an all year round art centre promoting music films and drama.

The annual carnival held in August each year at Cromer is extremely popular with summer visitors. Cromer also remains special because it still has an authentic end-of-pier show held in the Pavilion Theatre on the pier. In addition to the Seaside Special, there are regular one off shows, often on a Sunday night or at the beginning or end of the holidays season.