Great Snoring Norfolk
OS Grid: TF 940340 Approx 8.0m 12.8km From the Coast   View Google Map     

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East: 594000
North: 334000
Latitude: 52 52' 05"
Longitude:0 52' 57"
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Longitude: 0.8825

                    Snoring Norfolk Holidays

Great Snoring is smaller than its sister Little Snoring, an unspoilt and peaceful place for those seeking rest and relaxation.  This compact little village has handsome houses of flint and brick lining either side of a narrow main street. 

The origin of the names is Saxon, in the Domesday Survey it is recorded as Snarringes, the home of the family and descendants of someone named Snear.  It was in 1611 that the then lord of the manor Sir Ralph Shelton sold Great Snoring to Lord Chief Justice Richardson. Sir Ralph is reported to have said "I can sleep without Snoring".    

There are good opportunities for walkers and birdwatchers in this quiet rural village and also a perfect base from which to explore the beautiful North Norfolk coast with the seaside town of Wells-next-the-Sea just six miles away.  For a range of shops the market town of Fakenham is four miles down the road and as well as having a weekly market Fakenham also holds a Farmers Market on the 4th Saturday of each month.  

There is a lovely two mile walk/bridal path that runs from Great Snoring all the way through to the medieval village of Little Walsingham through picturesque countryside.  For your nearest inn and shop and for basic provision the village of Little Snoring is just two miles.

Nearby is the The Thursford Collection a wonderful accumulation of organs, traction engines, steam rollers, steam tractors and fairground rides.  There are live musical shows featuring nine very different mechanical pipe organs and starring Robert Wolfe in the Wurlitzer Show.

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Little Snoring 1.4m 2.2km SE Tuthills 1.7m 2.8km NW Wells-next-the-Sea 5.9m 9.5km NW S
Great Walsingham 1.9m 3.0km N North Barsham 1.9m 3.0km W Hunstanton 17.2m 27.7km NW W
Walsingham 1.9m 3.0km N East Barsham 2.0m 3.2km SW Kings Lynn 21.3m 34.3km SW E