Hanworth Norfolk
OS Grid: TG 190350 Approx 4.8m 7.7km From the Coast   View Google Map

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East: 619000
North: 335000
Latitude: 52 52' 03"
Longitude:1 15' 15"
Latitude: 52.867 Select another Norfolk Location: 
Longitude: 1.2541

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If it wasn't for the sight of an aerial or the hum of an electric lawn mower resonating on the air, you'd be forgiven for thinking that you had stepped back in time when visiting the village of Hanworth.

Hanworth is a village of scattered houses all set in a lovely parkland setting with cows grazing on the common land hemmed in by cattle grids.

The village is within easy reach of the north Norfolk coast, with the Edwardian seaside town of Cromer, famous for its crabs and end of Pier Show, just four miles away. For basic provisions and quaint local pubs/inns the village of Aldborough is just over a mile down the lane.  A good area for cycling and walking and the Long Distance footpaths of the Weavers Way and Marriots Way are close by.

At nearby Roughton you will find the New Inn with its Seremban Orchid Restaurant offering authentic oriental cuisine together with traditional English favourites available lunchtimes and evenings.