Hemsby Norfolk
OS Grid: TG 490170 Approx 1.2m 1.9km From the Coast  View Google Map

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East: 649000
North: 317000
Latitude: 52° 41' 35"
Longitude:1° 41' 07"
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Longitude: 1.6852

Hemsby Norfolk

The lively seaside resort of Hemsby on the East Coast of Norfolk some 8 miles from the larger resort of Great Yarmouth is for those looking for family entertainment, amusement arcades, discos and seaside gift shops.

Extensive golden beaches are a feature of this part of Norfolk and the beach at Hemsby is no exception.   

The month of September sees Hemsby's annual Longshore ‘Herring Festival.’  Other events during the months of May and October see the clock turned back to the sights and sounds of the 1950's, when the towns hosts the Rock 'n' Roll weekenders event.

Part of this attraction includes a fifties marketplace for clothes, records and the furniture of that era, a talent show and jam session, and no we are not talking about preserves.

There are frequent bus services from Hemsby to Great Yarmouth town centre. Yarmouth is much more than just a seaside resort, its a place with a rich history and has much to offer the visitor. The town has colourful gardens, regular shows, nightclubs, a Nelson Museum, guided walking tours, casinos and horse and grey hound racing.

Caister Castle, Thrigby Wildlife Park and an 18 hole golf course are all within a 10 mile radius of Hemsby.