Langham Norfolk
OS Grid: TG 000410 Approx 3.6m 5.7km From the Coast   View Google Map

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East: 600000
North: 341000
Latitude: 52 55' 44"
Longitude:0 58' 33"
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Longitude: 0.9758

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Langham is a Norfolk village with a strong sense of community where locals sit swapping yarns in the village inn.

Every other year a traditional Olde English Fayre was held in this small village complete with stilt walkers, jugglers and a band.  Gaily coloured stalls selling anything and everything lined the entire high street. The fayre no longer runs, which is a real pitty.

The welcoming Bluebell Inn whose history extends back over four hundred years, can be found in the main high street, the publicans adopt the moto 'There's no such thing as a stranger - just a friend we've never met'. During the Second World War there were over two thousand service personnel stationed at Langham and the inn contains lots of mementoes from that time.

Langham's high street is lined with traditional Norfolk cobbled cottages, though the village has no shop so for the shopping experience visit the lovely Georgian town of Holt, seven miles inland. The popular coastal villages of Morston and Blakeney with their regular boat trips to see the colony of four hundred common and grey seals, both places are less than two miles away.

The famous Langham Glass attraction was once located in the village but it moved in 2006 to a new location in East Rudham.

Down the road is Stiffkey which clings to a ledge above the river of the same name, Stiffkey Marsh a continuation of Morston Marshes contain some of the oldest saltmarsh along this historic coastline. 

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                    Nature Reserves - Click the What to do Link. In the churchyard at Langham  is buried Frederick Marryat (1792-1848). He was an English naval officer turned novelist who settled in Langham Norfolk in 1848. One of his novels was The children of the New Forest published in 1847. This was a historical novel set in the times of Cromwell and Civil War. Another of his works was The Little Savages published in 1848 about a young boy and cruel sailor on a deserted island.

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                    Reserves - Click the What to do Link. It is said that a wife and her husband who were visiting the old Airfield at Langham stopped off in the church. Whilst there the wife came face to face with a ghost of an Airman.