Mundesley Norfolk
OS Grid: TG 310360 Approx 0.4m 0.6km From the Coast   View Google Map

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East: 631000
North: 336000
Latitude: 52° 52' 17"
Longitude:1° 25' 58"
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Longitude: 1.4327

                    Norfolk Holidays

The seaside village of Mundesley located on the East Norfolk Coast has fine sandy beaches, the pocket sized cliff top seaside resort of Mundesley has proved a popular destination for visitors looking for a traditional un commercialised seaside holiday. Its wide stretches of beaches pull in the visitors and the towns normally small population increases in size quite significantly during the summer months.

In centuries past the main occupation of Mudesley’s villagers used to be fishing, and fishermen can still be seen launching their boats from the beach. The town now boasts an Adventure Island putting course, a truly petite Maritime Museum. The main part of the town is made up of a variety of shapes and styles of houses.

The village centre has a good range of small shops supplying everyday provisions including a butchers, greengrocers, Post Office and Spar general stores. There are also tea-rooms, restaurants and public houses, as well as a fish and chip shop.

The annual Mundesley Festival offers family entertainment with local and nationally recognised stars performing at the local Coronation Hall.

Over a number of years Mundesley has won the Blue Flag recognition for its excellent water quality standards. Please note there is fairly steep ramp down to the beach, which takes you past the roofs of Mundesley's colourful seaside huts. During the summer season there are normally a number of places selling refreshments down by the beach.

The restored four storey tower of Stow Mill built in 1827 is located just outside the town and well worth a visit .  A ghostly spectre roams the cliffs between Mundesley and Bacton.

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                    Link.s Roman coins and several saxon burial urns have been found in the cliffs and surrounding fields.

                    Norfolk or Suffolk Inns - Click the Pubs and Inns
                    Link.s Nelson used to visit Mundesley as a boy as the school he attended ‘Paston Grammar’ is nearby.