Trunch Norfolk
OS Grid: TG 280340 Approx 2.5m 4.0km From the Coast   View Google Map

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East: 628000
North: 334000
Latitude: 52° 51' 17"
Longitude:1° 23' 13"
Latitude: 52.854 Select another Norfolk Location: 
Longitude: 1.3869

Trunch Norfolk

Trunch is set amongst the byways of Norfolk in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Dominating the village is the attractive church of St. Botolph's, situated right next to the village's 16th century pub, the Trunch Crown. The Trunch Crown is an award winning Pub Specializing in Real Ales, along with delicious and home made fayre.

Trunch is a Norfolk village that can trace its history back to 1066 with the word Trunch being derived from a Danish word meaning ‘weighing place’.  The village has a local village store. 

For a larger range of shops then try the market town of North Walsham with its supermarket and range of independent shops.  Here you will also find a swimming pool and ten-pin bowling attraction. Two miles away on the coast is the seaside village of Mundesley renowned for its sandy beaches and cliff side walks.