President Abraham Lincoln - Norfolk Roots
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                Location or Gallery Link.Abraham Lincoln was born 12th February 1809 in a rough hewn cabin near Hodgenville Kentucky.  In 1861 he became the President of America.

Unfortunately as history shows he was assassinated on 14th April 1865 whilst watching the play The American Cousin in the Fords Theater by John Wilkes Booth. Actually passing from this life in the early hours of the morning on the 15th April 1865.

However, this 16th president of the United States can trace his ancestry all the way back to a small village in Norfolk.

In 1637 Abrahams great, great, great, great grandfather Samuel Lincoln of Hingham Norfolk sailed on the John and Dorothy ship for the new world, settling in Massachusetts. Samuels was then aged just 15 and in England had been a weavers apprentice. 

His grandfather was Richard Lincoln who it is believed was also born in Hingham, Norfolk but who spent the majority of his life in the village of Swanton Morley Norfolk.

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Richard Lincoln was wealthy enough to build himself a mansion in Swanton Morley, a mansion that still stands today but is now the village inn called The Angel. 

According to the church records of All Saints Swanton Morley, Richard Lincoln was the churchwarden from 1599 until his death in 1620.

The church still has a 'Lincoln Bible which dates from 1686.

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                the What to do Link.In 1615 Richard Lincoln decided to change his will effectively disinheriting his son Edward from inheriting his wealth in favour of his fourth wife and her children. Richards mother Elizabeth Remsching of Swanton Morley had been Richard Lincolns first wife.  

Richard now with no expectations of inheriting his fathers considerable wealth left Swanton Morley for Hingham where he eked out a poor living on some land that his father had left him.  It was here that Samuel Lincoln was born on 24th August 1622.

It was probably as a result of this poor existence that Richards sons (three out of the four) including Samuel decided to seek their fortune in the New World rather than remain in England.

So Samuel Lincoln, President Abraham Lincolns great, great, great, great grandfather left the shores of England for America and the rest as they say is history.

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