Emma Turner of Hickling Broad

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Not much is known about Miss Emma L. Turner.

An amateur bird photographer who lived on a houseboat on Hickling Broad for twenty-five years in the early years of the last century. For Norfolk or Suffolk Events - Click the Whats
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She developed her sepia photographs in a small shed built on an island in the south-east of Hickling Broad, next to Rush Hill, still known by local fishermen as Turner Island as late as the 1960s.

She is described by a contemporary as being "small in stature but very wiry, quite capable with a punt or rowing boat." 

At that time, the last bittern seen in the area had been shot in 1886. In 1911 a young bittern was sighted by Miss Turner and Jim Vincent, an estate keeper at White Slea Lodge, then in private hands, and also a noted ornithologist.

Miss Turner photographed a bittern on its nest as early as 1920. This is all that I have been able to uncover at present about this very remarkable lady. Any further information would be welcomed.

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