Norfolk Museums - Castle Museum in Norwich

Picture (c) by John Ashley PhotographyThe Castle Museum is set in attractive gardens overlooking the city of Norwich and makes for a wonderful day out. There is a four price structure, enabling you to decide if you want to see all or only part of the museum.  Good access for the disabled, with lifts available, and very child-friendly with lots of interactive activities and touchy-feely things for children to do. A good visitor centre for dry days or wet.

The Norman Keep is extremely atmospheric and there are fantastic interactive gadgets. Computerised recreations called Televirtual bring the Norman Keep to life with 3-D computer images, played on four gas plasma screens.

 Listen to videos of historical personalities from the past in costume.

Other features include:

- A display of Birds in their natural habitat with 3-d effects and bird calls. A room stuffed (and we do mean stuffed) full of British Birds.

- A wildlife gallery and mammal gallery in large bright and airy display cases.

- Egyptian Gallery Complete with his and her mummies. One of them Ankh Hor, a high priest from the Temple of Amun at Karnak, dead for 3000 years in a beautifully painted burial case. Also an x-ray taken of Ankh Hor at the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital which revealed that he may have been unwrapped by the Victorians, as the x-ray shows that there are 19th century pins holding his bandages in place. Lots of other Egyptian artefacts.

- Boudica gallery - which tells the story of the Warrior Queen of the Iceni. As you enter the display note the morphing pictures of Boudicca as depicted by various artists. There is also the opportunity to ride in a full-size chariot with an interactive video and to watch and listen to a video of a character from that time.

- Listen to the voices of prisoners kept in the castle depths.

Picture (c) by John Ashley Photography- Porcelain and teapot gallery

- Art displays which are changed regularly

- Throw a coin down a very, very deep well and listen to the sound of it dropping with enhanced acoustics, popular with both adults and children.

- The Snettisham collection - this treasure was found in Snettisham and includes golden torcs (neck ornaments)

- Various Art Galleries, A 17th century Dutch Gallery; an 18th Century English Country House Gallery; a 19th Century Victorian Picture Gallery and a 20th Century East Anglian landscape painters gallery.

- You can have a guided tour of the Battlements with fantastic views over Norwich, but make certain you check the times before you explore the rest of the museum.

- Find if any of your family are on the 1914-1919 Norwich Roll of Honour for citizens who fell in the Great War.

- A silver room as well as Sculptures in glass and pottery.

 - Large canteen as well as a picnic room.

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