Norfolk Castles - Castle Rising in Norfolk

Picture (c) by John Ashley PhotographySituated in the attractive village of Castle Rising are the remain of a large historic Norman Castle.  It was built in 1140 by William d’Albini II, Earl of Sussex, to celebrate his marriage to the widow of Henry I. 

The castle is said to have been modelled on the keep at Norwich and its grounds covers an area of approximately 12 acres.

For over two hundred years the castle remained in the hands of the d'Albini family, eventually being bought by the Crown who held on to it until the 16th Century.

When it was built it was the largest in the country and was known for its grand staircase approach. Paintings from the 18th century show that the castle was once accessible from the sea, this is no longer the case as the sea is now located some several miles away. 

Picture (c) by John Ashley PhotographyThe Inner Bailey consists of the foundations of an 11th century Norman chapel at the northern end. The upper level has completely disappeared now, but there are still lots to see but is certainly worth a visit.

One of its more famous inhabitants was Queen Isabella, Edward II mother who he locked up here in 1330 following her involvement in the murder of her husband and his father. She is said to still haunt the castle, have a look at our Myth and Legend pages.


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