Holt Park in Holt Norfolk

Picture (c) by John Ashley PhotographyJust outside Holt, on the Southern road that leads to Norwich you will find Holt Country Park. There is a Picnic Area, a Children's Play Area, Public Convenience, Ponds, Nature Trail and an Observation Tower. The Park has several resident bird species including Tree creepers, Robins, Great Blue and Long tailed Tits, Goldcrest and Woodpeckers.

The majority of the trees in the Park belong to the Pine family with Firs, Spruces and Larches. The Corsican and Scots Pines are the most abundant with the Corsican Pine having a distinctive twist and a longer trunk than those of the Scots Pine.

The Scots Pine is Britain's only native pine and it is easily recognised by the redness of its smooth branches.

Brightly coloured Dragonflies and their close relatives the smaller Damselflies, can be seen during summer months darting around the ponds. Deciduous trees include Oaks, Birch, Sweet Chestnut, Sycamore and Ash. Some Hazel, Hawthorn and Beech can also be found. You may see an adder if the weather is warm enough. They are not recognised as being aggressive and will usually seek shelter when disturbed rather defend themselves.

Butterflies include Fritillary, Ringlets, Hairstreaks, Skippers, Brimstone and the colourful Peacocks. Displays of Primroses, Gorse, Heather, Bracken and large Rhododendron bushes as well as the Common Spotted and Twayblade orchids can be observed. Holt Park often holds events throughout the year.

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