Norfolk Heritage - North Creake Abbey

Picture (c) by John Ashley PhotographyIt is very easy to miss the brown sign for the turning to the Abbey at North Creake, but it is well worth a visit.

It was originally an almshouse for the poor founded by the Augustinian order (a religious order observing a rule derived from St. Augustinian) in 1206.

In 1231 it was elevated to abbey status, though it was never a wealthy abbey. In the normal course of events the abbey would probably have suffered the same fate as its sister abbeys under the dissolution of the monasteries by Henry the 8th.

However, before this came about the abbey first suffered a fire, which caused devastation to the church. Then twenty years later the Black Death wiped out the community. The property is now managed by English Heritage.  Click here to see the location of the Abbey.

                    (c) by John Ashley Photography

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