Suffolk Nature Reserves - Dunwich Heath in Suffolk

Picture (c) by John Ashley PhotographyThe un-spoilt coast contains stretches of salt marshes, grazing marshes and coastal lagoons of Dingle Marsh. On the hill is the reserve's woodland and farmland with further north the reed beds. This is a nature reserve rich in special wildlife managed by the National Trust.

Reedshank, Avocets, Lapwing, Ringed Plover, Oystercatcher, Snow buntings all can be seen here. On the shingle bank plants which have adapted to the harshness of life by the sea grow in profusion.

Dingle Marshes is one of only a handful of sites in England where the tiny starlet sea anemone is found. Despite its national rarity, it can occur in very large numbers, sometimes more than 10,000 per square metre. Starlet sea anemones live in the mud at the bottom of the sheltered coastal lagoons.  

Picture (c) by John Ashley PhotographyVisit this coast in winter and you will find the wading birds replaced by roosting and feeding ducks and a walk up the beach to Walberswick may be rewarded by the white flutter of snow buntings.

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