The Mummified Cat

Near Kings Lynn, in a small village called North Wooton, in the bar of a family run hotel  ‘The Red Cat Hotel’ is a cat. 

Nothing strange in that I hear you say, but this cat requires no feeding, no visits to the vet and no stroking, just the occasional brush with a feather duster.  As this cat is ‘mummified’.

The Hotel has been owned and managed by the Irwin family since the turn of the 19th century and is now run by the fourth generation of Irwins. 

It was the present owner's grandfather who found the dead cat in a loft space many years ago. According to folklore dead cats are supposed to ward away evil spirits and to bring good luck, so he decided that they would keep the mummified cat.

It now has pride of place in its own illuminated case on one of the overhead pillars in the main bar, much to the amazement of the hotel's guests.