Little Barningham's Grim Reaper

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High up on a green mound perches the tiny church of St. Andrew in the small village of Little Barningham.

Visitors entering the church will be greeted by a macabre statuette.

Balanced on a pew, and dating from 1640, is a woodcarving of a shrouded skeleton.

Clasped in its bony skeletal hands are a scythe and an hourglass, like a miniature grim reaper. 

The 17th century man responsible for this 18 inch carving was a Steven Crossbee who also inscribed the following messages on the same pew 

' For couples joynd in wedlock and my friends that stranger is. This seat did I intend. Built at the cost and charge of Steven Crosbee'. 

'All you that doe this pace pass by. As you are nowe even so was I. Remember death for you must dye. And as I am soe shall you be. Prepare therefore to follow me'.  It seems Crosbee had a ghoulish sense of humor.