Red Mount Chapel

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                Website - Click the Whats New Link.In The Walks Park on 'Lady Hill' in Kings Lynn is an unusual octagonal building made from red brick, this is Red Mount Chapel.  

It was built so that pilgrims passing through Lynn on their way to the Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham at Little Walsingham, could stop off here and rest.

Underneath the chapel building there is said to be a long tunnel that runs from Kings Lynn to the Castle at Castle Rising. 

Built to allow the imprisoned  Queen Isobela (She Wolf of France) to worship here in the Red Mount Chapel.

The chapel is also said to be haunted by a Fiddler, who decided to explore the tunnel whilst 'in his cups'. 

He entered the tunnel with his small dog and was never seen again.

Though legend has it that the residents of Kings Lynn occasionally hear ghostly music and the whining of a dog emanating from the chapel.
The chapel is not open to the public.