Tim Birkin - Racing Car Driver

Picture (c) by John Ashley Photography

Buried in the churchyard at Blakeneys St. Nicholas, is Sir Henry 'Tim' Birkin a famous racing driver from the 20's and early 30's. Birkin was one of the group of drivers known as the 'Bentley Boys'. He had two wins in Le Mans in 1929 and also in 1931.
Birkin was not a permanent resident of Blakeney, though he spent his honeymoon in the village in 1921.  
He would also, quite often drive up after midnight from his place at Mayfair to the Norfolk fishing village to attend a duck shoot. He also enjoyed spending time with the locals particularly the Blakeney fishermen and would sit with them down at the harbour swapping tales of the sea.

It was his wish that when he died he be buried in Blakeney, an event, which tragically took place whilst Birkin was still very young. He died in 1933 aged only 36 as a result of lead poisoning, caused by exhaust deposits burned into his arm.