Burnham Deepdale in Norfolk

Holiday Accommodation in Burnham Deepdale

Salt marshes and mud flats extend all the way around this part of the coast, so no beaches at Burnham Deepdale to speak of.

This picturesque area is mainly frequented by the sailing community and there is a large harbour where many boats are moored.

The coastal path runs right along this part of the coast, and its a pretty section of the Long Distance Path. The village has a cafe serving breakfast, snacks, lunches and takeaways.  There are restaurants and pubs/inns close by.

If you study an ordinance survey map you will see a path that runs right out to the sea at Burnham Deepdale, in reality this path crosses two large muddy dykes, and so it is not a path in the normal sense of the word even though there is a green dotted line. You will be wading in mud, and must be VERY careful to watch the tides or you will have to swim back. NOT for the inexperienced walker, and probably not without waders.

 Burnham Deepdale Norfolk