Winterton-on-Sea Beach - Norfolk

Holidays in Winterton-on-Sea

Winterton on Sea is known as a holiday destination for those looking for a relaxing break, a nice friendly place where you can get away from it all.

To the north of the village is a large nature reserve where rare Natterjack toads, along with many species of birds can  be found. There are large extensive sandy beaches and a small beach cafe at the entrance to the beach. On the beach at different times of the year, groups of seals can be observed sun bathing.

Sections of the beach are fenced off to protect the rare little tern who nest on the beach during the month of May after its long flight from Africa. 

Winterton-on-Sea has a general stores, post office fish and chip shop, restaurant and a good local pub/inn.

When Daniel Defoe the creator of Robinson Crusoe visited Winterton on Sea he found a village built almost entirely out of shipwrecks. In the 17th century two  hundred ships were wrecked on these parts on the area known as hazeborough sands, their carcases washed up on the beach at Winterton on Sea and the local villages put them to good use by using them to make their homes.

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