Beeston Regis Norfolk
OS Grid: TG 160420 Approx 1.0m 1.7km From the Coast   View Google Map

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East: 616000
North: 342000
Latitude: 52° 55' 54"
Longitude:1° 12' 51"
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Longitude: 1.2141

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Beeston Regis is located on the North Norfolk Coast. Beeston is largely a residential town, but with a number of interesting features for the visitor. The first being Beacon Hill, which rises to over 300 feet and at its base in summer you will quite often find fields of poppies. Beacon Hill is a good vantage point and well worth the climb for the views, both inland and out to sea.

Beston Regis Heath is 30 acres of heath and woodland with its circular pits originally called ‘Hills and Holes’ in the first edition of the Ordnance Survey maps. They are thought to date from prehistoric times and were used to obtain iron ore which was then smelted in a furnace during Saxon-Norman to Medieval times AD 850-1100.  The Commons do have some waymarked trails although those with a more adventurous spirit can take smaller paths, however, as much of the Commons are wet it is advisable to wear stout shoes or boots. There are also extensive ruins of an Augustinian Priory founded in 1197 within Beeston Regis. 

The visitor attraction Priory Maze and Gardens has two mazes set in gardens of ten acres, as well as a tea room.  Beeston Regis has a village shop and village inn. 

Under a mile round the coast is the larger seaside resort of Sheringham with its Steam Trains and train links to the city of Norwich.

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                    to do Link.A priory was founded in Beston Regis during the reign of King John and it is said that the Dunstable Arms Inn at Beeston Regis has a tunnel which runs from the building to the old priory site on the side of the common.

                    Norfolk or Suffolk Historic Houses - Click the What
                    to do Link.An Old Dityon the subject of Black Shuck - 'And a dreadful thing from the cliff did spring, 
And its wild bark thrill’d around, His eyes had the glow of the fires below, Twas the form of the Spectre Hound'