The Village of Booton in Norfolk

Booton Norfolk Holidays

A visitors guide to the Broadland village of Booton in Norfolk.  No your eyes do not deceive you, this is the church of Booton known locally as the Cathedral of the Fields as it lies on the outskirts of the tiny village of Booton, which is surrounded by rich arable farming land. 

Startling and totally unorthodox in style with its twin towers and ornate decoration, Booton Church is a fantastic monument to Victorian enthusiasm. 

The responsibility for this creation lies with the Reverend Whitwell Elwin who was the rector here for 50 years and became dissatisfied with the then parish church. So he decided to improve it and ended up rebuilding it entirely, keeping only the walls of the nave and chancel.

Although never having had any training as an architect, the Reverend pinched ideas from churches throughout the world including Venice and even Egypt. The church at Booton was eventually finished in 1891 having taken the Reverend Whitwell Elwin nigh on the fifty years. The church is now redundant and in the care of the churches conservation trust.  Well worth a visit especially for the sight of full sized angels inside.

Less than one mile away is the market town of Reepham where an air of 18th century prosperity lingers in the market place with its red brick houses, which have been subdued by just the right amount of weathering. Here you will find a good range of shops and places to eat.

Slightly over eleven miles away (18km) is the medieval city of Norwich with its twisting narrow streets, modern shopping centre, riverside walks and boat trips, theatres, restaurants and museums.

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