The Village of Heacham in Norfolk

Heacham Norfolk Holidays

A visitors guide to the coastal seaside village of Heacham, located on the West Coast of Norfolk. Heacham, is a large Norfolk village, boasting two sandy beaches called originally North and South Beach.
Many of the local houses have been built from red carstone, which is a feature of this part of Norfolk.

The town is linked to Pocahontas the Indian Princess and in St. Mary’s Church there is a memorial carved by a pupil of Rodin (Otillea Wallace) to the Algonquinn Indian Princess ‘Pocahontas’. In the memorial Matoaka Rebecka Pocahontas is dressed in the fashion of the time Jacobean England early 1600s, with a stylish trilby hat and large neck ruff. 

Heacham is a good location for a family beach holiday, the town has a good range of shops and there are restaurants and a number of country pubs.

Down the road is Caley Mill an early 19th century water mill and the home of ‘Norfolk Lavender’. This fragrant place contains a collection of all the known varieties of lavender and is open to the public.

The Royal Estate of Sandringham is eight miles away and the busier seaside resort of Hunstanton with its funfair, indoor swimming pool, sporting facilities and theatre just three miles away.  Round the coast  birdwatchers will find RSPB Snettisham with its wildlife spectacle of tens of thousands of wading birds.

For Norfolk or Suffolk Caravan Sites - Click the caravanning Link.s Pocahontas has been immortalised by Walt Disney. Young Pocahontas saved the life of Captain John Smith by laying her head on his when her father Chief Powhten ordered the Captain to be clubbed to death, she was then only 12 years old. Some seven years later in 1614 she married a John Rolfe of Heacham Hall, who brought his bride back to England . Pocahontas was a social sensation at court with her exotic beauty. Unfortunately she lacked the immunity to the many diseases which where endemic in Jacobean England and she died some three years after her marriage aged 22. She left a son who returned to America and has since been claimed as the ancestor of many a famous family. Heacham Hall was destroyed during the second world war.

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