The Village of Little Barningham in Norfolk

Little Barningham Norfolk Holidays

A visitors guide to the inland Norfolk village of Little Barningham, located some five miles south of the seaside resort of Sherringham. Little Barningham is defended by a maze of lanes whose banks are thick in spring with primroses and celandines.  A green path snakes up to the church of St. Andrew perched on a hill, inside the church is one of the villages strange inhabitants.  

He stands on the corner on an ancient box pew and in his bony hands is a scythe and an hour glass. Carved from wood with a toothy grin, he greets the ecclesiastical visitor.  He was given to the church by Stephen Crosbee a resident of Little Barningham in 1640 who for good measure added an inscription "All you that doe this pace pass by, as you are nowe even so was I, remember death for you must dye, and as I am soe shall you be, prepare therefore to follow me"' and on a pew closeby by the same Mr. Crosbee ' For couples joynd in wedlock and my friends that stranger is, this seat did I intend'.

Looking down from the vantage point of the church, the village of Little Barningham is a pleasant jumble of red bricked cottages with neatly ordered hedges.

For local shops and inns visit the village of Aldborough with its seven acre village green and a heritage that can be traced back to the 1500s. Or for basic holiday provisions and a good village pub and restaurant then the village of Itteringham, which is less than 2 miles away. Beautiful gardens with a lake, trees and shrubs surround a medieval moated manor house at nearby Mannington.  Here you will find a wonderful Heritage Rose Garden with a display of hundreds of different roses.

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