The Village of Salle in Norfolk

Salle Norfolk Holidays

A visitors guide to the inland village of Salle in Norfolk. Blink and you could well miss the itzy-bitzy village of Salle, which is as neat as a button. It has a truly huge church for such a small place, which echoes with the cries of rooks, who erupt from its tower like a plume of smoke.

Inside is a brass for Geoffrey and Alice Boleyn (1440) anncestors of the Boleyns or Bullens who  lived in the village as early as 1318, before acquiring Blickling Hall. Anne Boleyn was of course the ill fated wife of Henry VIII who was executed by her husband after having been found guilty of adultery and incest with her brother George Boleyn.

It has been rumoured that Anne Boleyn is buried at this church, though her heart was said to have been discovered in 1836 in the south wall of the church of Elvedon Park, near Thetford

Just one mile away is the historical market town of Reepham, which has shops, pubs/ restaurants, teashops and a sports centre. The Marriott's Way a long distance foot path of some twenty miles that can be picked up from what used to be the Reepham Rail Station and is now a museum and tea shop.

It was originally the railway line linking Themelthorpe to Aylsham, which finally closed in 1985 due to lack of profitability.  It was re-opened as a footpath/bridleway/cycle path and named after Mr. William Marriott who was its chief engineer and manager of the M&GN system for 41 years.

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