The Village of Snettisham in Norfolk

Snettisham Norfolk Holidays

A visitors guide to the seaside village of Snettisham located on the West Coast of Norfolk. Surrounded by fenland and bird sanctuaries, the village of Snettisham is made up of two halves, with the common land coast and beach cut off from the village by a bypass. The beach side has a large community of holiday chalets and caravans supported by seasonal shops.  The village has all the local shops and amenities such as general stores, post office, butchers, inns and restaurants.  Regular bus services run to Hunstanton and Kings Lynn. 

There are miles of public footpaths including the ancient Peddars Way, which runs nearby. There is also a RSPB bird sanctuary close to the beach and at high tide during the winter season you will see one of Norfolks greatest bird spectacles, when up to forty thousand pink-footed geese roost on the reserve.  When they take to the skies it is truly an amazing sight.

The village itself is a traditional Norfolk village with a non commercial atmosphere. Many of the houses are built from the local iron-rich carrstone. These golden brown buildings are known as gingerbread houses by the locals.

The village centre is dominated by a lovely 17th century Elizabethan Hall, which used to be the home of the Strickland family but is now a Sue Ryder home.  The wonderful soaring spire of St. Mary’s church stands at 175 ft high and is visible form afar and makes a wonderful back drop to the village green  especially when cricket is being played.

The church of St. Mary’s also has the most exquisitely decorated tracery flowers on the west window and it is certainly worth looking inside.  Check out our myth and legend pages for the local ghost story attached to this church.

For golfers there are courses at Old Hunstanton and Brancaster, both of which are a short drive away.

The Royal Estate of Sandringham is nearby as well as Norfolk Lavender and for the children Snettisham Park as of course for everyone the local beach.

For Norfolk or Suffolk Holiday Accommodation - Click the Accommodation Link.s. At high tide you will see the sand banks with their ancient and evocative names - Thief, Pandora, Seal, Old Toft, Friskney Flat, Blackguard and The Gat.

For Norfolk or Suffolk Villages - Click the Location Link.  In 1976 after a devastating storm with very high seas, the foundations of a house were found on Snetisham beach. It turned out that these foundations belonged to a small bungalow which had been owned by Queen Alexandra and which she used on summer days, accompanied by servants and sometimes friends. Imagine that happening today with our current Queen.

For Norfolk or Suffolk Holiday Accommodation - Click the Accommodation Link.s. Birds that can be found around here include curlews, spotted flycatchers, kingfishers and short-eared owls. There are also many different species of butterfly and moth including gatekeeper, burnet and large hawk.

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