The Village of Wolferton in Norfolk

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A visitors guide to the village of Wolferton in West Norfolk. Located in a froth of woodland greenery this tranquil village was where in 1863 Edward VII, the then Prince of Wales alighted with his bride Princess Alexandra on their way to nearby Sandringham after their marriage in Windsor. 

For it was at Wolferton that the Royal Families Railway Station used to be, a station which unfortunately is no longer in operation having closed during the 1960s.  The station was first opened in 1862 after Queen Victoria had purchased her son the Sandringham Estate as a Norfolk retreat. This became Edward VIIs means of transport up to Norfolk along with his guests and family. The station used to contain a suite of elegant reception rooms, where the royal family and their visitors would wait for transportation up to the Sandringham Estate. Generations of the royal families as well as many crown heads of Europe used to use the line.   

The Royal Station captured the heart of Sir John Betjeman as he travelled from King's Lynn to Hunstanton. He described it as "different from all other stations in England". After its closure the station initially became a museum, then a private residence that now sits in sleepy solitude in wonderful countryside where golden pheasant roam.  In summer months the village of Wolferton numbers swell not just with visitors but with scarecrows as Wolferton holds its annual Scarecrow Festival.

For refreshment the Wolferton Social Club serves drinks and coffee. For nature lovers there is the RSPB Reserve at Snettisham and on the villages doorstep the Dersingham Bog National Nature Reserve at Dersingham.

Despite the villages peaceful placement it is in a good location for exploring this part of Norfolk.  The seaside resort of Heacham is just 7 miles away, with the busier seaside resort of Hunstanton eight.  The historic town of Kings Lynn 5 miles, equally serene Castle Rising with its wonderful Norman ruined castle. The Royal Sandringham estate is under 3 miles away and for basic provisions the village of Dersingham.

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