Oulton Broad Suffolk
OS Grid: TM 510920 Approx 2.1m 3.4km From the Coast Early Closing is Wednesday
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East: 651000
North: 292000
Latitude: 52 28' 04"
Longitude:1 41' 45"
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Longitude: 1.6958

                    Broad Suffolk Holidays

Oulton Broad in Suffolk is known as the southern gateway to the Norfolk Broads and is one of the finest yachting lakes in Britain, Oulton Broad is the place where people who love all kinds of water sports go.
There are a wide variety of activities including windsurfing, rowing, sailing with amusement guaranteed for the whole family. Summer evenings see power boat racing on these waters. 

Oulton Broad is a lively place with lots of shops, restaurants and pubs.  From here you can hire a boat for an hour, a day or for an entire holiday, or take one of the organised pleasure boat trips around the broad. 

Oulton Broad runs into Lake Lothing which divides the town in to two halves linked by a bascule bridge (type of bridge with a section which can be raised and lowered using counterweights) which is used to admit boats to the main port.

Nicholas Everitt Park is an impressive green space sitting comfortably alongside the broad. A traditional park in many respects with a number of visitor attractions, such as bowling; tennis; crazy golf; children's play area. It is used throughout the year for many events and at its centre there is a traditional bandstand.

There is a museum situated in Broad House which has over one thousand years of local and domestic history with fossils, medieval artefacts and Lowestoft Porcelain

There is a regular train service from Oulton Broad station to the Medieval City of Norwich in Norfolk and Ipswich in Suffolk.

Oulton Broad has more than 100 acres of grazing marsh, with Carlton Marshes Nature Reserve managed by the Suffolk Wildlife Trust,  a haven for many different species of wildlife, plants and insects. The year 1956 saw Sir Christopher Cockerell try out the world's first working hovercraft model on Oulton Broad.

Oulton Broad is located under two miles (3km) from the lively seaside resort of Lowestoft with its award winning sandy beaches and family entertainment.