Pakefield Suffolk
OS Grid: TM 530890 Approx 0.3m 0.5km From the Coast   View Google Map

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East: 653000
North: 289000
Latitude: 52 26' 24"
Longitude:1 43' 23"
Latitude: 52.44 Select another Suffolk Location: 
Longitude: 1.7230

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Pakefield lies on the Suffolk Heritage Coast on the southern outskirts of the larger seaside resort of Lowestoft, so enjoys a quieter atmosphere but is a short walk from the many attractions of Lowestoft. The village has a number of local shops, a supermarket and local inns.

Pakefield has a reputation of being a good place to find fossils, especially after a storm. This part of the coast is the first place in Great Britain to see the sun rise.

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