The Town of Bildeston in Suffolk

Located in the Brett Valley is the small town of Bildeston, with its quaint streets filled with colour-washed and many original timber-framed buildings.  Bildeston was once a wealthy wool town back in the 15th century famous for its blue cloth and making blankets and this past wealth is reflected in many of the towns buildings.

The houses of these wealthy merchants exist to this day fanning out from the market place.  The local inn tells of ghostly footsteps pacing the corridors at night and people staying have reported seeing ghosts entering their bedrooms and touching them with chilly fingers.  In 1982 a team of ghost hunters investigated the stories and the result was that the inn was named one of the 12 most haunted pubs in England. 

Another story associated with Bildeston is that of Doctor Grouse who is said to have saved the village folk from a lethal epidemic in the late 19th century.  In 1877 diphtheria struck the villagers and the local doctor spotted an open drain running from the butcher's slaughter house.  Fearing the worse Doctor Grouse paid for a new covered drain to be built and the threat of an epidemic faded away.

Nearby are the attractive Suffolk villages of Monks Eleigh, Kersy, Chelsworth and Lavenham.

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