The Village of Cavendish in Suffolk

Cavendish Suffolk Holidays

A visitors guide to Cavendish, a picture postcard Suffolk village, which fits snugly into the lens of a camera, or onto a painters canvas. In the benevolent shadow of the church of St. Marys'  Cavendish, are beautiful strawberry pink thatched Suffolk cottages. One would be forgiven in thinking that each morning the owners of these pretty cottages polish every window and trim every blade of grass in front of their homes with a pair of scissors, such is the picturesque scene. 

The village of Cavendish is located in the valley of the River Stour. Sir John Cavendish who lived hereabouts, was an ancestor of the Dukes of Devonshire. He was Chief Justice of the Kings Bench during Richard II time. In 1381 during the Peasants Revolt, the rebel leader Wat Tyler was killed by Sir Johns son. The populace of the village turned on the chief justice who tried to claim sanctuary in the church. He is said to have clung to the very same church door handles that we see to this day. Unfortunately his pleas were in vain, and he was taken to Bury St Edmunds where he was beheaded by a lynch mob headed by Jack Straw. He is buried in Bury St Edmunds.

The village has some very good pubs/inns The Bull Inn and the George. Three miles away is the market town of Sudbury birthplace of the artist Thomas Gainsborough (1727-88) where you will find a museum dedicated to this artist.  Other attractions in Sudbury include  a thirty minute boat rip along the River Stour in an elegant electric launch designed in the Edwardian style with a traditional canopy.

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