Windmills and Windpumps

Picture (c)
                    by John Ashley Photography

The landscape of Norfolk is punctuated by these weather beaten sentinels, the distinctive skeletal frames of windmills, wind pumps and churches can be seen from miles away.

Although not all of these buildings are open to the public they are welcome landmarks and add that special something to the horizon. They are amongst the most photographed object in East Anglia.

Some windmills and churches allow visitors to climb their towers, but please be aware that this exercise is not for the faint hearted, as the climb can sometimes be steep and arduous and in some instances involves climbing tall narrow ladders.

However, the views from the top are well worth the effort. 

Below you can see a selection Norfolk Mills, In the UK they mainly fall within three main types:

Post Mill A box shaped body mounted and turning on a horizontal main shaft or post.

Smock Mill An octagonal shaped wooden mill with sloping horizontal weather boarded sides, which are said to resemble a countryman's linen smock, hence the name.

Tower Mill A cylindrical shaped mill with a tower of brick stone or masonry.

Stow Mill Cley Mill Burnham Overy Mill How Hill
Sutton Mill Horsey Windpump Weybourne Mill East Dereham Mill
Ringstead Mill Thurne Mill