Gresham Grasshopper - Norfolk

Escape to Norfolk or Suffolk
                  - Click the Location Link.Those of you visiting the small rural village of Gresham will be taken as our photographer was by the large golden grasshopper that sits on top of the village sign.

After carrying out some research we have discovered a legend behind this large golden grasshopper.

In the 16th century a young girl of the area abandoned her new-born baby in a field. Later on that day a young lad was passing the field when he heard a strange noise.  It was the sound of a grasshopper, but so loud that the young lad thought the grasshopper must be really big.

So he decided to try and catch the large grasshopper and show it to all his friends. Upon entering the field he saw the abandoned child with the grasshopper sitting on his chest as though protecting him.

The young lad picked up the baby and took it to the neighbouring farmhouse where the farmer and his wife, who were childless, decided to adopt him naming him Thomas.

 What became of the grasshopper we do not know!

The waif thrived with the farmer and his wife and grew up to become a fine young man and a famous merchant. He became the financial agent to Queen Elizabeth 1st and founded the Royal Exchange in 1570.

Thomas adopted the grasshopper motif as a reminder of his humble beginnings, as well as the name Gresham. Grasshoppers still feature in the heraldry of many city institutions, including the Royal Exchange that is decorated with lots of grasshoppers. Thomas Gresham b 1519. d 1579.