The Haunted Pub - Three Horseshoes in Scottow - Now closed

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                  Link.s.The Three Horseshoes Pub was an 18th Century thatched inn in the village of Scottow (about 3 miles from Coltishall).

It has always been known amongst the locals as a pub in which strange things happen... and not just on a Friday night near closing time!

The main "presence" has been nicknamed over the years as George. The story of his demise is pretty varied: some say he was a stockman who was killed in The Barn, some say he was a soldier from the Second World War.

Others say he is a woman, not a man at all - so maybe there's more than one spirit wandering around!

"George" is known to haunt both the main pub, and The Barn. He seems to lurk around one of the fireplaces in the bar, and many, many past landlords have testified to things going missing or appearing in strange places (crates of bottles which appear in the middle of doorways, etc).

The current landlords have a dog who will often walk down to the end of the room and barks at the fireplace! 

In fact, both fireplaces in the main bar have something rather spooky about them. At the opposite end, the large inglenook fireplace was lined some years ago, and during the work various small shelves were found up inside the chimney on which were found several pairs of very small shoes - too small to be children's, but very detailed.

No one seems to be sure why they had been placed there, and they were left in the original position. The main door in the pub often bolts itself - despite the fact that it is both heavy and very stiff! Movements in the cellar are not uncommon either - the wall adjoins the office and heavy banging is often heard between the walls coming from the empty cellar - and a bottle of cognac ejected it's cork with some force not so long ago...

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                  Restaurants - Click the Where to Eat Link.sMany people have heard heavy, distinctive, footsteps in The Barn. The steps happen most frequently in the bar area, but can also be heard at the end of the room where the raised stage is. The DJ at a recent party got so frightened at one point that he had to leave the stage - he was convinced someone was sitting in the corner watching him!

On another date about a year ago, during a rehearsal with a local band, the lead singer started talking to the ghost because he thought it was another member of the band standing behind him.

He held a whole conversation then turned to ask why he wasn't getting an answer, to discover that he was alone in the room.

He was also followed by the footsteps the entire length of The Barn, sounding as if they were just a few inches behind him and wearing very heavy boots.

Every couple of weeks the current landlords have to escort the vending machine man into The Barn to refill the cigarette machine - he refuses to go in there without at least one other person.

Upstairs in the private accommodation, there is another guest who stalks the landing area. Heavy footsteps are often heard walking from one end of the flat to the other, and at some point actually running heavily (and not stopping for walls!). The steps are so heavy in fact, that they make the light fittings above the bar sway from side to side!

One customer recently, also asked if anything had ever been noticed in the mirror in the restaurant. It seems she had seen the reflections of a man's face in there (the restaurant was empty at the time as the pub was shut, and no one else was in the room). She wouldn't expand on her sighting, but she seemed keen to stay back in the bar!

A very short stroll away from the pub is the end of the runway at RAF Coltishall. This has it's own ghost which is spotted very frequently by both villagers and plane spotters - he is an RAF pilot who was killed during the war and walks across the end of the runway. The main problem is he has no legs! 

Many, many people have mentioned "feeling" something when they walk in - sometimes a definite feeling, other times just a "hairs on the back of the neck" moment!  Most people, however, are unanimous in the feeling that the ghost/s are all friendly and not menacing or frightening in any way.

The current landlords believe that George is very much on their side, and likes them being there with him. Maybe you should take a look and judge for yourself.....?

This article was kindly submitted by the Landlords of the Three Horseshoes.