Norfolk Myth - Screaming Pits of Alymerton
The area around Aylmerton and West Runton heath is dotted with shallow circular iron workings that date from about AD 900.

One such depression in a field in Aylmerton on the western side of the road just past St. Johns Church and just before the iron railing, enjoys a sinister reputation.

It is reputed that a female apparition is to be seen with long flowing hair and wearing a long white night dress, roaming around the site.

It is obvious from her appearance that she is in some distress as she wrings her hands with anguish, as she searches the ground. Every now and then she lets out a terrible shriek.

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It is said that she is hunting for the body of her baby who was killed by her husband in a fit of jealousy, after he became convinced that the child was not his.

He buried the child's body in one of the pits at Aylmerton, before returning home to murder his wife.

We wonder if there is any link in this legend with the lady on the cliffs at Sheringham!