Sandringham Poltergeist

                    (c) by John Ashley Photography

Sandringham has been a private home for four generations of sovereigns. Queen Victoria bought the estate in 1862 for the then Prince of Wales, later to become King Edward VII.

He and Queen Alexandra spent a lot of time at Sandringham with the tradition of a New Year’s Day shooting party. Queen Alexandra also availed herself of the delights of the surrounding area as demonstrated by the finding of the foundations of her summerhouse on Snetisham beach in 1976.

The original Georgian house was pulled down and replaced by a new building in Jacobean style. A ballroom, bowls and billiard rooms were later added. Set in 25 hectares (over 60 acres) of grounds, the house is filled with mementoes and memorabilia of the Royal Family.

The queen and her extended family regularly spend Christmas at Sandringham. Also in residence at Christmas, so rumour has it, is a mischievous poltergeist, or possibly more than one. The disturbances are said to begin on Christmas Eve and to centre on the servants' quarters. Footsteps are heard in these quarters and also the sound of walking in apparently empty corridors. Doors open and close and lights are switched on and off. Beds suddenly become unmade and bed blankets are pulled off.

The poltergeist also appears to dislike Christmas cards, which are moved around and sometimes scattered all over the floor; much to the annoyance of the servants, who already have enough to do, with the Royal Family in residence!
Dorothy Walpole (The Brown Lady of Raynham Hall) has also been seen on occasions, though not recently.