Yow Yows of Sheringham

Picture (c) by John Ashley Photography

It would be very remarkable if a town like Sheringham, with its long history of fisherman, smugglers and drowning, did not have its fair share of ghost stories. 

One such story we heard is that of the Yow-Yows:

Just beyond the cliffs, a long time ago, so the locals say, a captain of an old ship drowned.
The fishermen of Lower Sheringham could have saved him, but made no effort to do so, perhaps because if he did not survive they could salvage his cargo!

As the captainís lungs began to fill with water he cursed the fishermen of Lower Sheringham. Now the fishermen of today say that on calm days they sometimes hear voices calling for help, whilst they are out in their boats.
Assuming that it is someone in distress, they go to investigate unlike their ancestors.
When they reach the spot where they thought the voice had been coming from, it suddenly ceases, and starts up in another direction entirely.

This they say is a warning, which it would be foolish to ignore.

For if they do not seek shore immediately, they will be caught up in a severe squall that always follows this phenomena.
It is known locally as the Yow Yows! though why we have been unable to find out. We have also heard that it was not just one man but a whole shipfull of mariners that drowned.

  Picture (c)
                    by John Ashley Photography