The Good ship Albatros in Wells-next-the-Sea

Picture (c) by John Ashley Photography

The Albatros is a Dutch sailing clipper, now located at the quayside of Wells-next-the-Sea in Norfolk.  Her skipper is Tonn Brouwer who plans to use her for educational purposes promoting environmental awareness and also as a charter vessel. The Albatros began her life in Rotterdam in 1899.She was built for Johannes Muller from Middelhanis Holland and used to sail the Dutch and Danish waters. In 1918 she was sold to Denmark.

During the Second World War she belonged to a Captain Rasmussen, a Danish man, who used to ship grain from Denmark to Sweden. 

It was only after the war that it became known that this had not been his only cargo. He also assisted Jewish refugees and other to escape from Nazi Germany and shipped arms to the Danish Resistance.

Her current owner Tonn Brouwer purchased her in 1983 and had her fully restored. From 1990 he carried Soya beans from Belgium to Wells-next-the-sea for a Norfolk agricultural merchant.  This however stopped in 1996 when new regulations on the importation of grain were introduced.  

He was then chartered by Greenpeace as an environmental study centre for schoolchildren.This charter has now finished so the Albatros has returned to ‘her home port’ at Wells-next-the-sea, where the residents have welcomed her and her skipper with open arms.
  Picture (c) by John Ashley Photography