Yesterdays - Norfolk and Suffolk History
East Anglia has a varied and volatile history. Once upon a time, this part of the world was dominated by the tribe of the Iceni, their most famous leader being Boadicea.For Norfolk or Suffolk B
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                Link.s. She led her people into bloody battles against the Romans in AD61.

The Vikings landed on the East coast shores and the Saxons have left burial grounds which are still coming to light. The Romans also left their mark with fortifications and long straight roads. The Dutch, also paid a visit, and showed the Angles how to reclaim land from the sea and turn it into rich farming land.

They also built houses with lovely double curve side walls which can still be seen today, and are unique in the UK. Some of Norfolk's villages have gone forever, having been swallowed up by the sea. The coastline is constantly changing, and after particularly high tides, these cliffs give up their secrets. Fossils can be found dating back from when elephants, rhinos and giant moose roamed the land.

In some cases entire skeleton’s come to light, as in the case of "The West Runton Elephant".  We should also not forget Norfolk’s more famous and well known names such as Nelson, Wolsey, Cromwell and Boleyn, all of whom were East Anglian sons and daughters. Here are a few snapshots of East Anglia's fascinating and colourful past.

Black Death

The W.R Elephant

Shipden Village Pocahontas
Horatio Nelson

Swaffham Pedlar

The Garden of Sleep Tabernacle St. Murder

The Maid of the Mill

The Albatros Rector of Stiffkey Sea Henge at Holme
Boudicca Henry Blogg Shades of Ships Amy Robsart
John Fryer - Bounty John Cromes Edith Cavell Norwich Floods 1912
Captain Vancouver Rescue the Sepoy
Kett's Rebellion
Saint Withburga
The Norfolk Giant
 Smith Zulus Empress Elizabeth
 Norfolks Pimpernel  Abraham Lincoln  Captain Manby
Bishop Bonner
 Emma Turner  Rector of Wiveton Pirates in Cley
Roland Green
The Hovercraft Charles Mackintosh Red Barn Murder Margaret Catchpole Framlingham Castle
Catherine Foster Enid Blyton John Noyes Tobias Gill The Swan Southwold
Katherine Grey Elizabeth Garrett